Clatid Recreates the Means of Education
and E-Business

Clatid aims to map out a world, where quality education is accessible to all attributes of learners worldwide. We transform the traditional means of learning into a productive medium of education. We believe in building and nourishing digital communities that actually pay off!

At Clatid, we envision your success as our own. Whether it be creating your online presence from scratch or maintaining and guarding its equity, we emphasize upon the need for innovation and versatility. We pursue a direction that multiplies your revenues and minimizes your work efforts.

Origins of Clatid

Clatid is a journey from innovative ideas to a tangible reality. With origins in the heart of Yasher Koah (a tool manufacturing E-business), Clatid aims to enable you to progress without any external resource. We treasure your talent and amplify your skills in the right direction.

Since its inception in a small room in 2018, Clatid has become a scalable business matrix in the United States. We empower revolution through compliance and corporate education services, along with web building and management solutions. We create a scope of innovation to develop you professionally and to make your business easy to operate and function.


Core Values

How Clatid Inspires

Innovative At Heart

core value

We let a (tiny) glimpse of cyber-magic introduce innovation to enhance your online experience.

Simplicity Over Anything

core value

We embrace the concept of hassle-free online education and digital business.

Transparent Communication

core value

The agile workflow gives you the control of your project. You can redirect the process as per your convenience.

Endless Improvement

core value

Our primary concern is to work on the compatibility between you and the corporate world. So with time, you and we grow together!

our team

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Web Developer


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Graphics Designer


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System Analyst


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