Your Customers on Your Marketing Squad!

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The destiny of your business solely depends upon how it serves the needs of the society. However, what is cherry on top is how you treat those who you serve. If you have a durable and a transparent relationship with your clients, it’ll imprint a sense of trust on their minds.

Clatid enables a connection between technology and your customers. Powered by AI and VI, we offer features that enhance your company’s productivity. It consists of marketing, sales force and service automation that allow you to have more frequent and enhanced coordination with your audience.

  • Fast Communication

    Since our workforce is backed up by artificial intelligence, we now can deal with more clients in less time.

  • Better Segmentation

    We categorize the orders as per the time, efficiency, research and efforts it requires.

  • More Expectations Met

    Since our efforts are driven by the customer preference, we encompass all the necessary factors that ensure your growth.

  • Info About the Attributes of Audience

    The client reviews let us know exactly what needs we are ought to serve.

CRM Automation service

How CRM Writes Your
Corporate Future

Customer input serves as a progress guide, if you’re wise enough to pay attention. When you make changes as per your users, you give them a priority. As a result, it creates a sense of an expression that they are heard.

Now that you have your clients in your workforce, you easily overcome the brand awareness factors. As it amplifies you with a statistics loudspeaker, you now have a vaster reach. More people get curious, and these interactions strengthen your business community.

  • Improved engagements and more sales
  • Word of mouth marketing perks
  • Increased visitor-to-customer conversions
  • Adds value to other lives
  • Better and more productive interactions
  • More leads and higher revenues

How Clatid Tops CRM

  • Sales stats and records
  • Sales structured data and preference
  • Contact and campaign management
  • Marketing and sales automation
  • Progress as per the feedbacks
  • Customer support and relevant answers
  • Order and management priority
  • Custom invoices, emails and notifications
  • Structured reports after KPI tracking
  • Salesforce and customer service automation


Do you have additional questions?

CRM is a cost-effective solution that offers a brilliant quality of communication to enhance your performance.

It comprises upon: CRM solutions to track your users, CRM software to handle marketing and sales, and CRM systems to keep the record of your progress.

Since we know why each case is different, we provide personalized support to each interaction.