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How would you know if you need a desktop app? We can easily access the computing world by web or mobile apps and browse through for hours. So there should be a prompt reason for you to go for desktop applications.

Lucky for you, there’s more than just one reason for desktop apps to stand out. Clatid provides a smooth interface and tension-free features that bring the entire world across to you with a mere click. Now that your user has it installed on a device they access frequently, your product is bound to be promoted and marketed on its own.

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Perks of Clatid Desktop Application

Clatid chooses a framework for you that aligns with your objectives. Since it requires particular hardware interactions, you only need to have a decent RAM and a somewhat nice processor to access all of its accessories. Since it needs to be more secure and confidential, Clatid pays special attention to the potholes that may leak your data.

  • Fast Speed and Offline Functionality

    Clatid works to make desktop applications productive and functional for both online and offline use without compromising on the speed.

  • Prompt and Trustworthy Security

    We test the loopholes and the endpoint security more times than one can count to ensure that your digital assets are in safe hands.

  • UI/UX Design

    We mainly design the interface to engage users to keep browsing and accessing without the hassle of any internet connection.

Desktop Application Service

Why Clatid for Desktop Application

  • Most suitable UI/UX technology
  • Thoroughly processed development strategy
  • Perfect framework that fulfills your needs
  • Easy and various payment integrations
  • Choosing the perfect theme and layouts
  • Continuous Deployment and Integration
  • License, logins and product keys
  • Responsive installer integration
  • Localization and testing
  • Database and user settings


Do you have additional questions?

You can install a desktop app on your laptop or desktop, and access it without having any network or an internet browser.

Desktop apps require strict policies and security frameworks to eliminate the breach risks. Clatid holds the pioneers of that job!

We constantly monitor the app's progress, and if a drawback arises, we fix that on the spot.