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Geographical Limitations No Longer
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Generating revenues online has never been so easy!

According to a study, an average person spends almost 40 hours a week online. The internet has become a prominent feature of our lifestyle. You’d notice what you see on the internet impacts your subconscious mind. In this scenario, if you take your business online, you’d not only attract potential, but relevant customers for all your services.

Honestly, this is the best time to operate online! When you switch to e-business, you notice that your industry growth and opportunities are limitless. The Internet is an amazing medium to touch and connect with so many lives.

Ecommerce Service

Clatid Strengthening E-Business Worldwide

  • Multi-functional and user-oriented design

    We target the filtered yet relevant attributes of your audience. So your sales are bound to increase.

  • Various payment gateways

    When the payment integration is easy, you receive transactions in seconds!

  • Easy accessibility and amazing connectivity

    The user-oriented approach and call actions market your online store in the digital world.

Perks of Taking Business Online

The virtual presence of your brand acquires as much importance as the physical one. The e-industry has somewhat overtaken the traditional retail revenues in a matter of years. There are an infinite number of ways how it can increase the organic traffic on your actual business.

Clatid has analysed and created a list of how the online presence of your business can enhance your business’ growth tremendously:

  • Attract relevant customers
  • Keep a track of your progress
  • Online appointments and transactions
  • Keep a record of your customers
  • Keep a catalogue of your competition
  • Communicate with your clients regularly
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E-commerce Pioneers Serving Round The Clock!

Clatid’s e-heroes have seen through the online world closely. We never hold back when it comes to both innovation and adaption.

  • Industry knowledge
  • E-commerce consulting
  • User research insights
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